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The Claeys formula

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Thierry Claeys has been active in labour and employment law for more than 35 years.

In the early 1970's, he developed the so-called "Claeys formula" for calculating the period of notice to which a dismissed white-collar employee is entitled.

The formula is based on a statistical analysis of court decisions. Labour law practitioners in Belgium have used this formula for decades now. The formula is also ofthen used as a reference for collective bargaining agreements concluded on the occasion of company restructurings.

In 2011, the laws on dismissals were amended for contracts entering into force after 1 January 2012, but the Claeys formula remains relevant for "old" contracts.

After a long career at Braun Claeys Verbeke and at Loeff Claeys Verbeke, Thierry Claeys co-founded Claeys & Engels in 2001 and has been the Managing Partner of the firm for many years before his retirement.


The site www.formuleclaeys.be allows you to quickly calculate the length of the notice period or the indemnity to be paid pursuant to the Claeys formula or the 2011 law.